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After the tragic death of my friend and web designer Ben it took me a long time to resume my activities. The website is back but all information is very dated:many records are no longer available, most prices have come down drastically and shipping rates have again gone up. So before you order something, please e-mail me first. Scans or pictures of all records are available at your request. Actual selling is taken place daily at eBay on my accounts "honeydripper_nl", "vinylfortune2010" and "myvinylsigh".

I will be taking a break with auctioning until  August 27, 2012.

I am also reconsidering selling LPs worldwide due to the staggering postal rates. If you are looking for certain titles, please send me your wantlist because I have no time to update the site. At this moment all my records have now minimum prices without a reserve. It is advisable to order a minimum of about 6 LPs to come to terms with these criminal postage rates. This doesn't apply to 45s: these parcels have affordable prices around the world up to 250 grams and can contain between four or five records. If you order more, special arrangements will be made.

Vinylfortune's history is strongly connected with Dutch record companies, official and pirate radio stations - and most important of all – now retired discjockeys from the fifties, sixties and seventies eras.

They usually got two copies of each record, one for airplay and one for private use.

Most of these records had various extra inserts: biographies, press information, etc., etc.

Many artists appeared on the radioshows themselves, so lots of items have original signatures.

All these extras are mentioned separately.

Needless to say that 99% of these records have never been played, that's why there is no reason to classify them (NM; EX; VG, etc., etc.).
They are only classified if in my opinion they have been out of the sleeve, which by no means indicates that they reached the turntable.
I have classified these as NM: Near Mint.
For the sleeves however it is different, they surely have been touched, so I had to classify them in the same way as the records.
If there is no quality remark in this section it means that they are either Mint, Near Mint or Excellent.
Only the very collectable items have extra remarks.
If you are looking for other items you can also visit my eBay accounts for 45s, LPs, 12" and books for weekly auctions.

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